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Ai Surety Bonding actively participates in the community, providing financial and in-kind contributions to a diverse mix of charitable programs whose efforts enrich the social well-being of children and families living in Canada, with emphasis the Greater Toronto area.


Ai Surety Bonding recognizes the importance of contributions to civic and charitable organizations. We give back not only through financial support but also by volunteering our time. Each staff member is given one paid day, per year of service, to volunteer at the charity of their choice. Employees and retirees who contribute at least 20 hours of volunteer time per year to qualifying organizations, can also qualify their chosen charity for a corporate donation.


Ai Surety Bonding focuses its support of civic and charitable affairs on programs which deal with:

  • Youth education
  • Child crisis and abuse prevention
  • Improving appreciation for the cultural diversity of the communities where we serve


Targeted Areas of Emphasis

Defining and narrowing the criteria for consideration of contribution requests increases the likelihood that Ai Surety Bonding’s resources will have an impact. Ai Surety Bonding believes that improving the lives of children is the most dramatic, long-term, social need of the communities it serves. One of the major concerns of North Americans today is the change in the concept of the "family" as a stable unit. This is also true in our service area where, because of income and economic opportunity issues, there is more displacement of the family unit. By concentrating its efforts and limited resources in these areas, we believe it can make a positive difference for families and children in the communities it serves. In addition, Ai SURETY Bonding believes it must put its contribution efforts into programs that guide and challenge the minds and hearts of young people to prepare them for the future.


Because of the diverse cultures existing in our service area, emphasis also is given to supporting programs designed to improve cultural understanding.


There are more than 2,000,000 children and young adults in the Greater Toronto Area. Supporting educational programs, individual self-sufficiency programs for single parents, and programs designed to promote a better cultural understanding that benefits a large number of young people will improve the quality of life throughout for all.


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