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Customs bonds, or Excise bonds, are required by customs brokers, importers, transportation companies, logistics companies, shippers and others by the Government of Canada


A customs bond guarantees that an importer or exporter will pay customs duties and taxes on products being sent between a foreign country and Canada complying with the Customs and Transportation Act.


Customs Bonds provide the principal with an opportunity to be granted quick and expedited release of their imported goods prior to the financial determination and payment of legally required duties, taxes and applicable tariffs from Customs. Customs Bonds enable transportation companies to move their respective goods through Canada and the U.S in a quick and efficient manner.




In an Excise Bond, the Surety guarantees to the obligee (Government of Canada) that the principal will remit special excise taxes that become due and payable. The bond penalty is usually subject to a preset maximum amount depending on the expected volume of business.


Companies that acquire products on which excise taxes are charged (tobacco, alcohol, gasoline) must generally pay those taxes prior to using or shipping such products. The excise tax bond provides such companies (principal) with the opportunity to immediately use or ship certain goods prior to the final determination and payment of the required excise taxes.


Examples of excise bonds are:

·         Excise Tax Act Bonds (Distiller, Brewer, Manufacturer or Wort)

·         Excise Bond for Tobacco Manufacturer


Bonding Wording


There are two basic types of Customs Bonds:


Single Transaction Bond - While AI Surety strives to maintain its status as Canada’s leading Surety bond Broker, we aren’t licensed to issue single entry custom bonds. Only an exclusive Canadian Customs Broker is authorized to issue single-entry products.
Continuous Bond - A continuous bond covers all entries made by an importer at all U.S. ports of entry and is good for one complete year.


Some examples of customs bonds available include:

Various Bonded Carriers (Highway, Air, Freight) - posts security with the Canada Border Services Agency to cover the transportation of goods to an inland CBSA office by means of ground or by air in order for the shipment to be released.


Bond Wording


Duty-Free Shop Bonds - To protect the interests of the Crown, to which various duties and taxes are owed, a duty-free shop licensee must post a security bond against their inventory.


Bond Wording


Temporary Importation of Articles Bonds - required when goods are brought into the United States or Canada without payment of duty, by posting a bond to guarantee that they will be exported.

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Customs Bonded Warehouse Bonds - a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty.


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Customs Brokers License Bonds - grants an individual seeking a legal license as a Customs broker or affiliation with a Customs brokerage by profession.


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BMC-84 (US Property Broker) - required for any individual or business who wants to operate as a transportation broker in the United States. The BMC-84 Broker bond guarantees payment to motor carriers and shippers if a broker fails to comply with the agreed-upon contract.


Bond Wording


Release Of Goods Bonds – posts financial security with the CBSA that allows goods and shipments to be released quickly and promptly. **May be issued for a CUSTOMS BROKER or IMPORTER


Bond Wording


U.S. Customs and transportation bonds are available for both Canadian and US residents.


Advantages Of Using Customs Bonds


  • Pre-screening and registration with customs thus minimizing delays at crossing borders. The pre-screening qualification is performed by the surety company.
  • Control of financial obligation to customs. All suppliers should be bonded since many companies in the industry only deal with bonded suppliers in order to guarantee its safety, and financial accountability as well as avoid delay time at the border crossing.
  • Frees up capital to be posted to Government


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